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ARTSTUDIO | Interior design

Оригинал картинки взять с сайта architecturesideas.com

ARTSTUDIO | Interior design

ARTSTUDIO | Interior design

Interior design

Have you ever thought how important is your space for your life? From the moment we wake up and getting through the day working inthe office, mingling with your friends in your favorite bar, shopping in a store, we face new interiors, new images. Some of those are congenial and intelligible, some, on the contrary, alien and impersonal. ART Studio intends to assist you in the creation of the interior that corresponds and reflects your personality and your philosophy. To achieve it we intend to go beyond all bounds. The creation of a new interior is a fascinating, absorbing and at the same time complex process which demands numerous solutions where nothing is left to chance.

Оригинал картинки взять с сайта www.janinestone.com

The ART Studio team will be happy to help you with our vast experience on this matter. We pay close attention to each of our customers from the very outset to the moment of completion of the project. Thus we look for practical, convenient and simple solutions in every case. For every future interior the foundation will be a design project. It’s important to understand that a design project is not just visualization of your future interior, but a complete set of prepared plans aiding us to carry out all renovation and construction works.

Design project includes premises layout before transformation premises layout after transformation furniture and equipment plan photorealistic 3D visualization of all premises plan of partition walls with all window openings and doorway indications ceiling plan with level indications and types of lighting fittings? plan of power switches with indications of lighting floor plan with noted level marker, type of surface, pattern and measurements Additionally the following features could be provided: A project for ventilation and conditioning equipment that allows for the creation of a specific atmosphere and microenvironment in your house, apartment, office, restaurant, etc.

The application of different functional facilities of «Smart Home» system is previewed. This could make automatic many processes in your house to create an integrated, logical and simple control of diverse equipment systems (conditioning, ventilation, lightning, audio and video units, thermal and water supplies).

All these possibilities will allow maximum control of the interior for your every convenience. Ordering our design project will provide you with unique, highly professional, technological and easy to implement, well researched solutions!

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